natural SEO what is it ?

Definition of so-called natural referencing

Definition and objective of SEO

The objective of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is to position the pages of a website on the specific requests of Internet users via search engines. The financial stakes linked to this position are crucial for the success of your e-adventure.

SEO in detail

Natural referencing is one of the two branches of search engine marketing with commercial links (SEA). Natural referencing essentially includes optimizing the pages of the site to be referenced and obtaining external links.

Advantages :

  • A long-term strategy with permanent benefits
  • The conversion rate is significantly better
  • Enables you to enter new markets
  • Better return on investment from global marketing

How’s it going ?

Our intervention on your website

The Process

Search Engine Optimization Service

Our intervention is divided into four stages that structure the delivery

1 Website Audit

Detailed analysis of all elements of SEO and the study of competition.

2 Strategy

Definition of the SEO strategy to put in place: recommendations, choice of keywords, pages to optimize…

3 Set Up

Editing urls, adding or deleting content, keywords, pages…

4 Follow

We inform you and analyze the results obtained then we set up new actions or not according to your agreement.


Optimizations made

We focus on three specific criteria that we analyze, correct and optimize


« In SEO as in life, honesty is a major asset »

Guillaume Bourguignon, Montpellier, SEO Expert since 2008

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